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a few days ago i booted my wifes computer up to add a new mouse and once i got the mouse added i logged into diablo3 for a min or 2 then all of a sudden poof computer shuts off and no more video display. all my fans still fire up upon power i dont receive anymore lights for the power button i get 1 blink outta the hard drive light and 1 blink outta the cd rom light other than that no lights on tower and no video removed gpu and tried onboard output still nothing. So my question is would the sys still boot up and power everything if the motherboard is def and could that b y i dont receive a display anymore

onlything i cant tell u by specs are

zotac mobo
4 gigs ram
amd hd 6570 gpu
400 psu
itel daul core cpu
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  1. what you can try is to remove the motherboard battery for 30 seconds or so put it back in and try to boot up with the display hooked up to the onboard gpu....if this works most likely your graphics card fried. if that still doesnt work report back
  2. ok did wat u said to no provail im startin to learn towards the motherboard took a *** but would it still power my fans on if the mb is def
  3. are the fans hooked up to the motherboard or directly to the psu? if its directly to the psu its bc the psu is powering up so they are getting other thing to try is to remove everything from the mobo except ram/cpu and power cables and see if the board boots....even remove like the usb cables and ***....if it boots then its something else causing the issue...if not you could try removing all but one stick of ram and then try and boot if still no try a different stick of ram until you have gone through them all
  4. Fans are conn ditectly to mobo ive tried removing all ram cards and doin that that did nothin im gonna take to the shop soon but if I could fix it or atleast diagnos it id rather do that could it.b a bad cpu
  5. a bad cpu is a possibility but unlikely do you have a another board that you could test the components in? if so you could rule out the motherboard if it doesnt work in there too...other than that unless you have another cpu you could try in this board there is nothing you could do.
  6. Yea ill prolly jus get it tested and buy a new board for ir ty for tryin to help me
  7. no problem man let me know if it was indeed the motherboard
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