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I recently built my computer this previous Christmas. Today, I was installing upgraded fans and was plugging my cables back into my computer when I accidentally hit the CLR CMOS button on the motherboard. Now, the computer won't boot past BIOS. Any recommendations? I am using an ASROCK z68 xtreme gen3 motherboard.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. I am using a Crucial M4 SSD, does this make a difference?
  2. Make sure that your boot device is set to AHCI mode (assuming it was to begin with).

    Advanced -> Storage Configuration -> "SATA Mode" and make sure that "AHCI Mode" is selected.
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    tomroark said:
    I am using a Crucial M4 SSD, does this make a difference?

    It means that you were probably using AHCI mode to begin with, yes. "IDE Mode" is what it defaults to when you reset the BIOS, and that will keep the system from booting. Just re-select AHCI Mode, and you should be good to go.
  4. That's the correct setting! It booted up fine after that. Thank you so much for your assistance, I couldn't remember what I had to set it to months ago. I apologize for the panic post, but I really appreciate your timely assistance, it means a lot.
  5. You're very welcome. :)
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