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Question about motherboards vs circuit outlets

I have a question about motherboards and home circuits;

Is it possible for a motherboard to have a conflict with your circuits voltage rating in your home of any kind and under what circumstances?
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    Not that I'm aware of.

    Mains voltage should NEVER interact with the components, just the PSU. If the PSU has issues with the mains voltage, for some reason, I suppose that could cause some instability issues (or even an exploding PSU, in an extreme case that would only ever happen if you flipped the"red switch" on an older type PSU), but that's about all that I can think of.

    All good quality, newer PSU's that I know of are Active PFC (no "red switch") and react to changing voltage very well, anyway, so there really should never be any problems there.
  2. alright thanks for the info
  3. You're welcome. :)
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