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Is better performance with same CPU possible


CPU - Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20GHz
RAM - DDR2 3.0 GB

Is it possible to get a better performance from the above mentioned config by changing its MOBO and installing DDR3 Ram?
If yes need suggestions.

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  1. It may make some difference but you will notice a bigger improvement by changing the CPU to something better like a Sandy Bridge
  2. If you aren't changing the cpu, upgrading from 3gb ddr2 to 4gb+ ddr3 is just not worth the price.
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    No, changing the motherboard and switching to DDR3 RAM will not increase your performance.
    Adding more RAM may boost performance if your programs need it, but switching from DDR2 to DDR3 will not.

    A better option to increase performance on a budget would be to overclock your CPU.
    Your system should be capable of running at 3GHz quite easily, which is a significant boost in performance.
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  5. Thanks for the replies guys..
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