Gtx460/2500k/p67 or gtx560ti/2400/h61 for 1280x1024 resolution

hey guys i am getting trouble deciding my components of my new rig because of my tight budget
so please help me out this situation i am student and my holidays are going on just for 20 days so i want to get new rig as soon as possible


USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: games like crysis 2 ,crysis warhead ,MW2/3,metro 2033 all the games maxed out

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: 9800GT,going to take new power supply

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: for now core i5 2400 and msi or gigabyte H61 motherboard


PARTS PREFERENCES: nvidia but will consider ati if performance/price ratio is very good




ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: should be able to play all the games right now at maximum settings and future games in medium-high settings for next three years

right now i am thinking of msi gtx 560 Ti but at 1280X1024 resolution will it be overkill?
if i go with gtx 460 will it be good enough for next three years or so.

final quetion

AT 1280X1024 resolution should i go with gtx460/2500k/p67 or gtx560ti/2400/h61

considering i don't need 6gb/s ports

your valuable comments are appreciated
thanks in advance
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  1. That is a tough decision, as most GPUs are not benchmarked at resolutions below 16x10 anymore....

    My gut guess would be to opt for the P67/2500k combo.....; the $130 GTX460 could easily be changed one year later if/when necessary....
  2. i won't be able to get the new graphic card for atleast 3 years from now that's why i was thinking of gtx 560
    but if it is not worth extra money we pay for it then i won't get it
    my another question is
    will there be any cpu intesive games in 2-3 years which will challenge 2400 to get average fps below 30?
  3. I would go with the gtx460/2500k/p67

    It's most likely that either GPU will max pretty much anything out at that resolution anyways
  4. The 560Ti would be preferable if you knew 'for sure' you'd be playing at higher res in the 'near future'; with 1080P monitors routinely on sale for $189, that is a consideration.

    At stock clock speeds, the 2400 (3.1 Ghz) should offer 96% percent of the performance of the 2500k (3.3 GHz). However, the 2500k will OC nicely on P67 boards, and performance scales nicely in most games at 1280x1024 with cpu clock speed increases...
  5. is there any ati option near 460 considering price which will offer greater performace ?
    i want to get maximum performance out of my money
  6. The first answer would be the best by my reason. 3 years is a long time to hold on to a video card.

    2500k, p67 motherboard and gtx460 or above. You want to know my opinion? I would try to buy a 6950 or gtx570 for longer lasting. You will want to buy a monitor that has higher resolution in the near future. Especially since now a 1080p monitor is so cheap.

    For CPU and motherboard i would not change anything regardless of the video card you will chose. Let's say you buy the gtx460 witch is a great card. At that resolution will probably last you 2 years if you overclock it. After that i would buy a "big fat card" to go with the CPU and a nice CPU cooler and keep the CPU at 4Ghz.

    Also on H67 motherboards you can not overclock your CPU so that should be out of the question.

    If you can make an effort to buy the 560ti as mdd1963 recommended it will last you 2 years with higher settings :) . Also you can buy the 6950 1Gb model witch is about the same price and you can unlock the shaders to the extent of a 6970. That will give you some boost.

    As a rival for the gtx460 is the 6850. Also you should be able to find 5850 cards at really low prices now. The 5850 is faster at stock speeds than the gtx460.

    Also remember that the games you mentioned run better on Nvidia cards.

    I think i messed up your mind even more.
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    Get the GTX 460, 2500K, and a P67 board that is sli capable with 2 x8 pcie slots. The faster cpu when overclocked will help at your lower resolution. Then in a year or two if you have the money, you can buy a bigger monitor with a higher resolution and another GTX 460 for SLI. By that time the GTX 460 will probably cost half of what it is now.
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