Dedicated curcuit for 1000w PSU?

Hey guys,

I'm getting a 1000w PSU for a SLI'd 570 configuration. A friend of mine says that I run the risk of blowing the outlet and says I should have only the computer plugged into the outlet. Another friend says I should be fine with a good surge protector.

Getting pretty paranoid now and wouldn't mind some advice. Should I not worry about it or is there a surge protector that anyone recommends so I don't short my PC?
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  1. You will not be pulling 1000watts only what the system needs! I would not worry.
  2. A decent 1000 W unit shouldn't pull more than 1200 W from the wall at peak load, thats only about 11 A of AC power, if you are in a modern building you likely have all of your outlets on at least 15 A breakers which leaves you with plenty of power (around 450 W), so don't worry about it.
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