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Dual memory on a GA-EP45T-DS3R one slot is faulty


I need help in setting memory on my board, and here is the story.
2 weeks ago pc satarted to freez on me compleatly when it ran smooth for years. thinking its the file system i formated and installed win 7 instead of vista. that somehow helped for a few days and after a week or so freezes returend. after checking verious parts, win 7 memory test found a faulty memory.
took one ddr3 stick out of my notherboard. all ran smooth, pased memory test. used good stick in the other slot, pc freezes. took "bad" stick and put it in first slot all ran smooth. logic says its 100% the mobo slot right? correct me if im wrong.

ok so heres the question:

1,3 slots are same color and 2,4 a different one- must i change memory slots from 1,3 to 2,4 or can i use 1,4 or 1,2. i lookd brifley on the manual and didnt see any indecation to whats the setup for dual memory but the colors of the slots suggest strongly that 1,3 and 2,4 are paired.

one of the reasons im asking is that 2,4 have never been used and are a little dusty, but i would like to know in any case.

Thanks in advance
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    For dual-channel mode, you have to use same color slots. Use slots 2&4 instead of 1&3.
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