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Overclocking, overclocking, and it's still lower than the rest!

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June 13, 2011 3:48:17 AM

Hello all! So recently, I decided to build my own computer. As awesome as it ended up being, it did not really satisfy my needs, as I really wanted to play Crysis all on very high in 1920x1080 0xAA with min 25-30 fps.

I looked at benchmarking videos on youtube and their 5850 seemed better than MY 5850... Odd... Well, I flashed my 5850's BIOS to overclock it higher and got to 850/1220, but I didn't notice any difference whatsoever! Now their FPS for Crysis with their stock 5850 in 1920x1080 8xAA is 30ish, whereas my overclocked 5850 in 1920x1080 0xAA is at 25ish. My overclock program also says I'm using 100% of my 5850.

At this point, there could also be a possibility that my AMD Athlon triple core 3.2 ghz rana is the problem, but whenever I look at the task manager, it's only using up 60% of its power. Since it was an AMD, I also disabled Cool n' Quiet, but no dice, no fps gain. I also overclocked it to 3.5 ghz, didn't really make a difference.

Just for more info on my problem. In Crysis Warhead, on the ice level, i get ~25 fps on enthusiastic/very high settings in 1920x1080. When I change it to minimum/low settings or change the resolution to 800x600, it jumps up to 60-80 fps.

Now, I'm just just stuck here with no solution to this problem! I want to upgrade and solve this problem as soon as possible. Thanks guys.

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June 13, 2011 4:03:18 AM

Any number of things and make a difference in fps compared to what your seeing on youtube. Different brand of gpu, memory differences, motherboards, cpu, the environment of which the game takes place, processes running in the background such as windows areo.

The easiest way is to upgrade the gpu or add another in crossfire.
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June 13, 2011 4:14:02 AM

Crysis is a true beast of a game even at 1900x1080, and although the 5850 is a nice mid-range is no GTX580, either.....

Additionally, the X3 Athlons (is your MB DDR2 or DDR3 based?) are not going to keep up with Phenoms clocked higher, which in turn don't keep up with older i5/i7 rigs, which now don't keep up with the newest SandyBridge rigs....

If your MB is Crossfire capable, that should net perhaps a 50-70% increase in framerates....
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June 13, 2011 5:28:44 AM

Hi, trilxs here, I'm on my phone, so I didn't bother to login.. >_>

@all I would love to crossfire it with another OC'd radeon... But I want to know if I can "fix" this one first.

Here are my specs:

M3A770DE motherboard DDR3
Athlon 3x@3.5ghz
XFX radeon HD 5850 @ 1 GB OC 850/1250
HAF 912+ Case
Windows 7 64 bit
400 GB free space in Hard Drive
600 watt PSU

I benchmarked it like the guy/girl in the YouTube vid did (same crysis benchmarking program), but I also OC'd mine and used game booster to boost it. I also have NOTHING running in the background when I play or benchmark, since I use iobit system care to disable everything to free up space.

I know my graphics card won't compete with a gtx 590, I just want it to perform like they say it does (I've googled some of its benchmarking results also xD)... And although my athlon won't keep up with the phenom, it's only using 60% of its power to play crysis, so I'm alright with it for now.

Sorry I'm still a newbie at this. Is there anything I'm not understanding? Thanks everyone :) )
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June 13, 2011 5:45:05 AM

I think people make too much of the CPU usage indicators, thinking that if CPU useage is 'only 60%' etc, then perhaps the cpu is not a limiting factor....

In short, I don't think your X3 with 5850 is going to produce the same results as an i7/920 quadcore on an X58 overclocked to 3.3 GHz

The first Crysis is a beast of a game....; in this case you are both a tad GPU limited and also somewhat cpu/mb architecture limited. You might be able to play at 1910 x 1080, but, I doubt you will be using AA/AF and highest details with that card at that res.

(what the heck is 'game booster'?)
June 13, 2011 6:13:04 AM

mdd1963 said:
(what the heck is 'game booster'?)

haha, it's a software that closes unnecessary programs amd frees up RAM... So would I crossfire or buy a new CPU? I know a graphic card is the major one for gaming, but if my CPU can't handle it already, then I don't think there will be that much of a difference in performance if I crossfire... Bleh D: