Gamer Chimera Intel A989XLC

I saw Amazon has this rig (Gamer Chimera Intel A989XLC) on sale for $1900 and was wondering if it's worth the money? I'm really wanting a desktop to play BF3 at high graphic limits - will this unit be able to do that?

Thank you in advance for any input
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  1. Should be able to... The I7-2600 and GTX 580 make for a good gaming system.

    For what it is worth... If you have basic PC skills, or willing to learn, you could build that system for around $1200.
  2. I wish I had the guts to try but I don't ;)

    Thank for the reply...
  3. I feel like that computer is a little to much $$ right now did you try and build a similar same pc on which is what it is from. here is another prebuilt a little more but it has a blueray player and a ssd but only 1tb of hd space also better ram 2000 +65 shipping. will post other options soon unless you already bought the computer. in the 1900 price range
  4. Thank you Jackspeed - I didn't jump the gun just yet. I have $350 in Amazon gift cards that is why I wanted to use their site.

    I just posted in the graphics section the desktop I have currently - asking if there is any means to upgrade what I have now to enhance Civ5, SC2, and SWTOR (when it come out.

    Here is the link
  5. So are you wanting a new computer or are you wanting to upgrade gpu/psu? If you want a new prebuilt computer and your budget is 1550 +350amazon then we can work with that. note On I can build a better computer with a different case but better for 1660ish after shipping, rush on it and promo code "instant". and it has shogun 2 total war and dungeon siege 3. 100 over that budget. offers expire tonight. and realistically you don't need an i7 you could get the i5 for about $100 less which would put this in that 1550 range.

    Edit You could upgrade the psu and the gpu and it will be able to run sc2 on medium settings/high and civ 5. I had a core 2 quad q6600 with an 8800gts and I was able to play sc2 (meduim/low settings) and civ 5(only tried single player).
  6. here is the build with an i5 after instant rebate and care option total is 1611.2
    with the i7 if you need it add 105.
  7. I WANT a new rig but wondering if I could get by for a couple more years with upgrading my old system.

    Very nice system you set up there - I have it in the cart and really want to hit the submit button ;)
  8. upgrades probably would get you 1 year it might get you 2. If you are worried about the price you always could get the sysytem with the lowest gpu and spend your $$ at amazon on a gpu.
    Your old computer with a gpu upgrade(and if the minimum reqs are to be believed) or without it swtor should run on your old comp. just know it might not be on great settings either way. It looks like your processor is getting close to minimum system requirements of some new games. ie dungeon siege 3, and recomended specs on crysis 2 you are at more or less so... you CAN wait 1 year with an upgrade but even with the gpu upgrade you may not get Great settings and for the price of a 550ti you might want to look at this instead.
    But if you need me to say it the time is good for an upgrade :-). I can look for another prebuilt system if it helps.
  9. Jack - you have been a great help. I'm going to think about what I want do - if I have any further questions I know who to go to ;)

    Thanks again!
  10. One final thought If you go with buying new you could use your computer as a backup or you could sell your computer. Probably easily for $300 so list like 350 on craigslist if near a metropolitan area. EDIT the computer is worth more than that though.
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