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How do i bring out my Internets true potential, i am paying for 20megs from qwest, now centurylink, i get it through the phone jack into the modem and through the ethernet from the modem into my pc, the modem is a ZyXEL PK5000Z. i can never download anything faster then 2 mbps ever, says im get just over 12mbps but its wrong somehow, obviously there got to be something im doing wrong...
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  1. sounds like you're confusing MB (megabytes) with Mb (megabits).
    most ISPs advertise their speeds in Mb/s, but most browsers display speeds in MB/s.

  2. branden is correct.

    Also please take into account usually with TCP/IP requests there is usually about 10-20% overhead when computers talk over the internet.

    When you say you can never download anything faster than 2Mb, do you mean megaBYTES,or megaBITS?

    If you have a 20Mbit connection with 20% tcp/ip overhead, you should be downloading approximately 2MegaBYTES a second (max speed) - in which those stats are correct if it says you are getting 2MegaBytes from
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    So your speed is Good....You no need to worry,You can also check the speed of the Internet at here also in Mbps and MBps
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  5. Also keep in mind that you can't receive packets any faster than the other end is sending no matter how much bandwidth you are paying for.
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