Display - PC Monitor or HDTV?

As I am doing research on building my own desktop, I need help to figure out which display I should get. My size is around 26inches.

I want to be able to watch tv, play console games, and also pc games on my display.

Should I get a PC monitor with a TV tuner? How are console games on it?

Or should I get a 26inch 1080p LCD TV?


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  1. Hi

    The hdtv is your best option as it will be simpler cheaper and more versatile.

    A pc monitor can be used for console gaming but will require more cables and a bit of setting up in order to output the sound. Watching tv on a pc can be done but will require buying more equipment and they are never as good as a tv/cable/satalite.

    Go with the hdtv it will save you some money and some head aches
  2. I agree with darth-stu the TV would be the best way to go, but I would get the largest you can afford, more so for watching TV and Movies.
  3. HDTVs have better built in sound but are a little more bulky, so if you are putting this on a desk and already have speakers or use a headset I would get a PC monitor.
  4. Get the biggest HDTV your money can buy. The bigger the better... I have 3 setups 70, 65, and 50.... I never use a small screen again for games, work, and entertainment.
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