Newly built computer, can't get it to turn on..

I just built my own pc and for some reason or another I can't get it to turn on. These are the components I used: The case is a XION axp 100 series with a recommended 700w power supply, an Intel Pentium 4 D915GAV motherboard,I installed the recommended 2 gigs of DDR400 memory sticks and are placed in the right DIM sockets. I wired everything up according to the diagram, the motherboard is powered by the 24 pin connector as well as the 4 pin connector, the hard drive is powered by the sata power cable and connected to the board by the second sata cable. Now when I turn on the switch on the back of the power supply the LED light goes on the motherboard,but when I hit the power button on the case nothing happens, not even the fans go on. I took it all apart and rewired everything again and still the same problem occurs. Does anyone have a solution to this problem???
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  1. Based on your troubleshooting, I believe your power supply is bad. But first make sure the red switch on the back side of the PSU is set to match your house power circuit, e.e, 110V or 220V.
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