Longer PSU cables?

So I just finished my most recent build, and decided I would give modular cabling a go in favor of a custom sleeving job. However, I have a pretty bad issue with the lengths of my cables. The case I am using is a Fractal Design Define XL, which may be part of the problem being a full tower and all, but I bought the Corsair AX850 PSU, and most of the cables are just barely long enough to reach their proper connectors. And on top of that, the cables such as my 8-pin CPU connector and various fan cables are not long enough to be managed in the back panel, and I had to remove the top panel in my case above the PSU chamber to get them connected.

So, long story short, is there anywhere I can buy some longer cables so I can sleeve them and route them properly so I can have a nice looking case. I know there are some incompatibilities within PSU manufacturers, so I would like something compatible with the AX850.
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  1. Cable club http://www.cableclub.com/ is one website that might carry power supply extensions. Most cable connections are the interchangable for 2.03 standard power supplies
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