Building HTPC. Concerns regarding hardware support

I am in the process of selecting pieces of hardware for my HTPC build. Features should include:

1080p playback
Large amount of storage
Read blu ray discs with internal drive

Run linux with xbmc

I'm looking at the following pieces of hardware:

ASRock E350m1 with usb 3 support
Sony Optiarc BD-5730S
WD Caviar Green WD20EARS 2 TB
Compucase 8K01

My questions:

Will I be able to use the Optiarc with the Compucase?
Will I need any special cables or converters with the setup?
Will it work in general when running linux?

Would appreciate if any of you guys had any suggestions for better hardware at an equivalent price.

Also: Anyone know of a Mini itx case supporting 1 3.5 hdd and a regular size 5.25? Like the LC05, which I can't find for retail anywhere.
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  1. Probably; Eyeball check says yes. Check for Compucase 8K01 reviews, see what they successfully used for optical drives and make a comparison.
    No; MB accessory pack has 2 SATA drive cables. (1 SATA II and 1 SATA III)
    Check on linux driver support for your ASRock E350m1 motherboard.

    Check the mini-ITX case choices @ LogicSupply
  2. It seems that everything will fit and so forth...

    I'm just not sure whether the blu ray drive would work out of the box with linux or even windows for that sake... Info available seems to be limited.
  3. re: "Anyone know of a Mini itx case supporting 1 3.5 hdd and a regular size 5.25?"

    These ??,2814.html
    "...Almost all of our test candidates simultaneously accommodate a 3.5” hard drive and a standard 5.25” optical drive. More likely is that some CPU coolers and graphics cards will be too large or too long to fit."
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