Asus p8z68 "No hard disk drive detected" still boots

Hello everyone,

I have a newly installed P8z68 and everything boots up fine. My question is regarding the post screen and a message that states "No hard disk drive is detected" then it flickers back to post and then boots to windows.

When i'm in windows I can see both my boot ssd, my storage ssd, and my storage HDD.
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  1. The message is for a controller that has no drive connected to it, I have that board in my media machine.
  2. I have 2 in the 6gb intel ports, and my dvd burner/storage HDD in the 3gbs ports, leaving the Marvell 2 empty.

    So you are saying it's because of this that I'm receiving the message?

    Is there anyway to disable the message, or the post flicker?
  3. You might look in your BIOS and see if can disable the Marvell port,other then that just ignore it.
  4. In case you are still experiencing this problem, I believe that it has already been solved in this thread. Basically, you should disable the Marvell controller with an IDE setting in Advanced -> Onboard Device Configuration.
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