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Galaxy GTX 460 GC 768mb

Hi all,

I wanted to know, I have the above mentioned graphics card. I wanted to know if anyone would know if I put a window in my case, would I run to heat issues with the card? The card idles at 40c normally. Can drop to maybe 36 if its cold in the house. I have a HAF 912 case with a stock CM 120mm side fan set as an exhaust to help the card. I don't know if I would experience a huge temp increase if I throw in a window that doesn't have the fan option (don't really want one as it does seem to obstruct the view inside a build). Any info would be much appreciated.


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    A window without a fan will not change the cooling of the case.
    Go for it.
  2. I have that same card and they run fairly cool. You should have no problems.
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  4. Thank you, both. Can't wait to add a window then. :)
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