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How would a pentium 4,

compare to a cheap quad core CPU and motherboard ?

or a mid range dual core PC ?
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  1. Most of those links are so old the page is no longer available. But you can use yahoo to do a search: benchmarks pentium4 D versus quad core.
  2. Pentium 4 >> Pentium D >> Core 2 Duo >> Core 2 Quad

    Pentium D was disappointing in my personal opinion, I ran circles around my friend's Pentium D and I only had an AMD 64 even when they were rampant, they were weak in my opinion.

    You're better off with an AMD X2 or X4

    best link ever

    that answers all my questions

    Now I can just type the ebay name onto the search bar on that site and get a good idea.

  4. Heck my Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz outperformed the fastest of the Intel Pentium® D processors at 3.73GHz in all but a few benchmarks and that processor was faster than any Intel Pentium 4 processors.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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