GA-MA790XT-UD4P need BIOS update

Need the latest BIOS update for my motherboard please.

My current BIOS wont let my RAM run at its standard speeds of 1600 and heard this would help.

If someone could provide me with a link please.
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  1. Just goto Gigabyte's web site. Support and download's should have your update. You just need to plug in your board info.
  2. Right i have my latest one but have 3 files :S

    F8 file

    dont want to screw my motherboard up..
  3. Should i do it the Autoexec way or the F8 file way??

    I think my problem has been SOLVED

    as memtest came out with no errors for 2 passes so far at 1600mhz (Errors normally come up withing 5 mins)

    SOLUTION: I bumped up the DDR Voltage from 1.60 to 1.65 ( As specified in my RAMS spec sheet)

    Hope this helps people in the future :D Have fun!
  5. Put the 3 files on a USB flash drive and boot into BIOS. The flash drive must be formatted in FAT32. It probably already is in FAT32 from the manufacturer. Once in the BIOS, you should see the option to load a BIOS from another drive. Choose it and your USB drive will be listed as a HD. Choose it and load the file. Don't worry if you choose the wrong file. It will tell you that it cannot load it. You can save your settings too after you have set up the BIOS. You should see the options to save them while in the BIOS. Comes in handy if your system has a hick-up and the bios gets screwed up. You can go into bios and load the saved settings without having to reset everything. Or if you are a gamer you can have an over clocked gaming set up and a normal set up so you can switch between the two.
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