Gpu scaling freezes pc

i today got a new case for my pc i have it installed and all set up correctly however i have a ATI HD 5770 and i went to enable Gpu scaling. And for some reason when i clicked apply my mouse stopped working my keyboard and my wireless addapter. And now when i log onto my pc it instanly freezes and sometimes my monitor (32" tv) just says no signal they are connected via HDMI and help? please
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  1. Start in SafeMode, see if you can disable GPU scaling then and get the PC working normally again.
  2. Im trying but finding it impossible as sometimes the bio's do not even show up :/
  3. Do you have onboard video, or another card to try? You may need to find an alternate card to boot the PC.

    Maybe try to reset the BIOS to default, they may reset the card settings.
  4. i think it maybe working now just managed to get it booted up and disabled gpu scaling. thanks for all your help. it was needed bye :>
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