Problems with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

I am using Toshiba C660 laptop with ATI mobility Radeon HD5470 graphics card(512 MB). My display output is not recognising the output of the graphics driver.It creating viewing troubles to games and movies in ma laptop.Please somebody help.
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  1. Explain what is going on here a bit more. External monitor is not working, the driver is not working normally (using default VGA for example), any error messages? Does device manager see the correct card? What OS are you running? Did you uninstall/re-install anything before the issue?
  2. I am using Windows 7 64 bit OS. i3 processor.
    When we select the screen resolution settings from right clicking on the desktop there will be a tab for choosing the display you required which contains the list of displays your comp providing, In that list ma graphics card is not listed. usually its shown in there.
  3. Try re-installing the video drivers.
  4. I did. But no use..waste f time
  5. This looks like a pretty new computer, this always been happening? Check with Toshiba support, thing is probably under warranty still.
  6. okiee..thank yuu
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