Reconnect to RDC machine after reboot

So I've got two systems a Win7 and an XP machine networked. The XP machine is more of a server and I just connect to it via RDC. The problem is occasionally it must reboot and when it does, I can't easily reconnect to it via RDC.

It stops at the initial login screen and won't continue loading windows until after logging in.

So I have to unplug one of my monitors, plug it into the XP machine, login, then unplug it from the xp machine and back into the primary system.

Then once windows is fully loaded I can login via RDC and do what needs to be done, but this is sort of a pain each time it reboots.

Please tell me there is an easy way to solve this. I keep thinking I must be doing something wrong. :)
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  2. Holy cow. I've been searching for that for about a month and tried just about every possible search phrase and got nothing.

    Outstanding as that was getting extremely annoying!
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