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After reinstalling Vista, Vista does not recognize my wireless network. I know that the wireless network is working because my i-Touch and my blue-ray (internet streaming) still are working with the Cisco/Linksys E2000. I made sure that the wireless switch on my Gateway laptop was in the on position. The wireless hardware does not show up in the hardware control panel. Is this a driver issue or a hardware issue? It does not seem that it would be a hardware problem.

My Gateway is still under warranty thru Best Buy. If it's a hardware problem, it's covered but if it's a software problem(I take it that a driver would be software), they want $100 to fix. This is what brings me to a second question, if it's a driver issue, should I just upgrade to Window 7? Does Window 7 have build in drivers for wireless hardware?

Any ideas would be welcome.
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  2. Vista will not include its own drivers for your wireless adapter. Go to Gateway's support website and download the chipset driver packs or the wireless adapter driver for your model of laptop and Windows Vista.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did try Gateway's website. They had a Intel chipset for my laptop computer running Vista. (Intel It still did not recognize the wireless hardware. I've sent Gateway an e-mail trying to make sure that this is the right driver. That driver may be for Window7x64.
    Thank you again for your time
  4. Check the Intel site -- a bit confusing but came through for me when transferring a mini-PCI from a smashed Phillips laptop to an elderly Dell.
  5. Thanks for the reply. My Gateway is up and running. It was the drivers. The tip on the Intel site was right on. Thanks again.
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