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Mobo replacement

Sometime in the future I am going to replace this motherboard because it has 3 memory slots that are unusable, the previous owner says he installed the memory backwards and now only 1 slot works. It uses DDR2, I would prefer DDR3 obviously for price performance and larger capacity modules...

I have:

AMD Athlon 7850 Dual Core (AM2+ 940)
ECS GF8200a Black Edition (GeForce 8000 series)

This PC obviously needs more memory but with the other 3 slots "fried" I'm not sure what else to do other than replace the board. My question is can it be fixed or is there a board that supports my AM2+ processor AND DDR3? I seen one yesterday but am sceptical, what do you think?
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    This board supports am2 am2+am3, and am3+ (including your 7850), but it only runs with 95w cpus, not the high end phenom II's. It also will run 95w bulldozer cpus with a bios flash. This board has two ddr2 and two ddr3 slots; you can use either one, but not both together.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    **DDR3 memory is only supported by installing AM3/AM3+ CPU.

    That is on the specs page for the mobo, wasn't sure but now I'm sure that AM2+ will not work with DDR3. Same board different sites, only one has that warning.
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