My First Build

Hi all

Doing my first build over the next few months, and i already got some component which i will list along whit the parts i will be purchasing

So all the feed back will be appreciated :)


MoBo.... ASUS SKT-1155 P8P67 DELUXE REV 3.0 S/L



To Buy

HDD....Samsung SpinPoint F3 Desktop Class HD103SJ - Hard 7200RPM Hard drive - internal. Data Transfer Rate 300 MBps Interface Type Serial ATA-300 Buffer Size 32 MB


Cooling...Corsair Hydro Series H60 High Performance Liquid

Graphics Card....ASUS ENGTX560 Ti DCII/2DI/1GD5 - Graphics adapter

Pro....Intel Core i5 2500K / 3.3 GHz -

Psu....Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 - Power supply

Optical Drive....LG BD-Rom / DVD±RW burner CH10LS20 Black Retail

OS....Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit OEM UK

That's everything i think so if it needs tweaking or i missed something or you have an idea let me know oh and the monitor....IIyama 24" E2473HDS-B1 - LED 2ms VGA DVI HDMI
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    looks great ;)

    one thing;
    personally, i feel that optical media is going to fall to the side, so i dont think its wise to invest 120 in a blue ray drive. blue ray is used exclusively for hd videos, and with hulu+, netfilx, and faster internet speeds i dont think you will use the blue ray drive enough to warrent spending +100 on it.

    i'd save $100 (get a $20 dvd drive), and put it towards a faster gpu (570? or even the 580), that is if you are a gamer.
    if you do upgrade the gpu, i'd go with a 700 watt psu just to be safe.

    once were on the topic, i always tell people that 8gb of ram is overkill. i have 4gb on my desktop, and i can play all the latest games on high setting w/o even using 2gb of my ram. i've used photoshop, aftereffects, premire pro, and run xp in a virtual machine at the same time without a hitch.
  2. Ah i see down grade the optical and up the gpu and down grade the ram thanks for the info :sol: Cant wait to get to the build a bit nervous but excited at the same time and i like to play games thanks for the input oh and the psu is 750W
  3. First, what will you be doing with this machine? From the build it looks like gaming but clarify for us if you don't mind.

    david 617 makes good points. Blue ray is probably unnecessary unless it's specifically an htpc. I would go 570 over 560ti and I don't think the 580 is worth the extra money but it's all personal preference and budget. I disagree about the RAM, though. It is true that you will rarely need more than 4GB of RAM but RAM is cheap and my family has 4GB systems that push the limit sometimes. 8GB is becoming pretty standard in home builds and in the near future we might see the need for that much. However with 4GB you do have the option to add another 2x2GB kit later so it's not a huge decision.

    Small details...
    you don't need 2133 ram. 1600 will perform great and you won't notice the difference with anything higher. Also a good air cooler is a cheaper option than the H60 and will perform just as well in most cases. The 2500K overclocks very well under with air cooling.

    At any rate you seem to know what you're doing. Everything looks compatible and you've picked a lot of the parts that are being recommended these days.
  4. gpu is a defo change as for the ram it is cheap as chips from what i can, the ram i picked i can get it at 1600 as well just like the corsair domonator they both have a life time warrenty. as for the H60 i think that the water cool would lower the temp in the case as the psu is an upside down fit in the df30 and sucks from whit in tne case so i feel it would help the cooling all round but i could be wrong as it is my first build but thanks people :hello: and yes mainly for games and the odd blue movie for the lads

    As for the OS i take it windows 7 is the way to go

    And While im here if using ssd for boot up is 60G enough for W7 and maybe a game WOW id say how muck space would i need to leave to make sure the ssd runs smooth
  5. 120GB-128GB is obviously better for a boot drive, but I have a 60GB and things fit just fine as long as you disable the pagefile and hibernation.

    Win7 is the way to go for gaming.
  6. Ok thats cool a 60G will do so if i left it just for the os the ssd woudl have ample room for the OS as from what i can find it takes 20G of space for windows 7 whit all up dates and from what i read some where the ssd likes to swap cells so it does not burn out indvidual cells is that correct Thanks everyone for the input :p

    And what GPU would you all recomend as i am not sure which one to get
  7. The 560ti is about $250, the 570 is a little under $350, and the 580 is around $500 - whatever you can afford. Of those three the 570 is probably the best bang-for-your-buck, but it's up to you. I don't know what your budget is - there are decent cards under $200 if that's the range you need.

    In terms of manufacturer just find one in your price range that has good reviews.
  8. speaking of pagefile... you can move it to your hdd if you'd like, but with 8gb of ram you can disable it all together.

    with regard to the ssd; i'd go with a 60gb vetex 3. $135
    with ssd's you want to make sure you have to latest model b/c so much changes with newer updates. faster speeds. longer lifetime.
    and yes, the firmware in the ssd will even out the wear and tear on the drive. (another reason why to have the latest firmware.)

    as for the gpu, i'd get the "asus gtx 570 direct cuII." (quite a mouthful.)
    its a great card for $350 (320 after 30 rebate.) it'll play everything at highest specs.
    also, due to asus's innovative cooling solutions, it runs quieter and cooler that its competitors.
  9. Thanks for the input is this card you are reffering to ASUS ENGTX560 Ti DCII/2DI/1GD5 whicih is on as im in Ieland i can not use new egg unfortunayely well icould be it involes mail forwarding and stuff my budget is around €1,400 which includes a monitor as well
    And what about this one
    As for the ssd i will upgrade in the futre, so i take it when using a ssd for boot it is practical not to fillit, to leave room for your OS to function properly and to save it over using its cells is that correct. Is the ssd i am using a decent model or is it under speced

    This is the specs for the ssd i bought
  10. The Vertex 3 is better but the Vertex 2 will still be really fast.
  11. Well i think i have decided what gpu MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk, checked the reviews and it seems fairly solid and its in my budget since i am taking the advice of downing my optical drive to a standard dvd+ Thanks tom's people you all helped me to iron out my build just have to play the waiting game now :D and have to build it another kettle of fish it looks fairly easy from what i have seen but looks are nearly always deceiving still excited though :bounce:
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