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My laptop is an acer 5742z.
Lately, it has been shutting down randomly.

I monitored the temperature and realized that the GMCH is overheating. The laptop has an integrated GPU, so GMCH overheat is the equivalent of a GPU overheat, on a integrated machine. It is in the north bridge.

I was thinking, couldn't this be fixed by applying new thermal compound on the north bridge? or somehow better attache the north bridge to the heatsink?

However, I asked a couple of local stores, they don't seem to think new thermal compound would work. Because they think the north bridge could be damaged. One store told me they could do a BGA rework, but that would cost almost 200$, so I might as well get a new one.

So, is this laptop beyond repair? should I scrap the parts and get a new machine?

By the way, the computer runs fine normally, it only shuts down if I use something graphically intensive, like a game. If I just surf the web (I am asking this question on said computer), it would have no problem at all, no matter how long.

thanks for your time.
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  1. Hi,

    Indeed, past could help but not much chance.

    Don't wast any money on a faulty laptop especially Acer.

    Get an Asus laptop ,they are the best brand on the market right now.
  2. no need to post twice, you only waited 10 minutes since your last post haha, you have a reply there
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