Motherboard or CPU dead?

Yesterday I finally got all of my new computer stuff home. So when I finally had plugged everything together and clicked the power switch, nothing happened. Nothing started to work, except for the two lights on the graphic card AND the power button on the motherboard. Ive really tried everything, so im 100% sure that something is broken/dead. Other times when Ive built other computers they still booted up, even though something were incorrect connected. So since the motherboard does actually show some "life" by the glowing boot button, my guess is that the CPU is dead.

What do you think?
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  1. the lights just mean some power is getting to it,, since you just got everything home,, i would say send back the power supply and motherboard --- extremely rare to have a bad cpu that won't let PC boot.

    you could have a faulty power supply not delivering enough power to boot or you may have a bad connection in MB. Since you are not getting anything else, i doubt it is your processor,,, you would at least have a bios screen or beeping.
  2. standard debugging is to pull all the parts until the system POSTs. Any bad card, memory, etc can fail in a way that leads to nothing starting "except for the two lights on the graphic card AND the power button on the motherboard."

    start by pulling all USB, network, etc. Then pull your video card -- listen for beep codes (google beep codes). Then pull memory. Eventually the MB will post and complain about the missing pieces. for example, if you pull memory and the BIOS beeps the "no memory found" beep code, but when you put memory back in the MB sits there dead with no beeps then you should suspect the memory (or memory socket, or dirt in the socket, or just not pushing hard enough on the memory to install, etc..).

    Here is a nice guide. Since its all installed, you can sort of work backwards. Or you can disassemble and work forwards. Good luck.
  3. I tried to just have the graphic card, CPU and of course the mother board installed, but not even then did it boot :/
  4. like i said, PSU or MB<-- since both are new, RMA both of them right now while you can get them replaced - if a reputable dealer, they should possibly allow cross shipping (pay for replacement parts now and have them ship them, refund you when they receive the bad parts) to minimize your downtime
  5. Then it got to be the MB, since I know the PSU is working
  6. You don't know PSU is working, it may have some juice but not enough and you won't know for sure unless you have another working PC you can swap the PSU with to see if it boots the other PC or if the other PC PSU boots your PC....

    send back both the PSU & MB
  7. Ive tested the PSU on my other, old computer and it did work.

    PSU: XFX 750W
    MB: MSI P67A-GD65 (B3)
  8. did you test the old PSU on new MB?
  9. Monkeysweat, sorry for being so hasty about the PSU :P just tried the old one before I got your reply, with just the system fans, ram, CPU and graphic card installed. The computer + fans then started to spin for a few seconds, then turned off again, then on, then off etc. So IT IS actually the PSU which is broken as it seems. Am I just unlucky or is XFX crappy?

    So glad you got me to think of the PSU, cos I was so sure it had to be the CPU or the MB :)
  10. was just a bad PSU,, I would think XFX to be a good enough brand, although I prefer antec and currently use OCZ (i bought the OCZ for myself and an antec for my father in law,, antec runs quieter, although it is a lower rated unit too, it seems to be just built a little better)
  11. Cougar power supplies are good even though they are hec, its like toyota and lexus with cougar being lexus and hec being toyota
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