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So, im building a new gaming rig, and im stuck on the graphics card(s). Im trying to decide how big of a performance difference im going to get compared on how much im going to spend.

Basically, I'm getting a Sabertooth 990FX motherboard with an X6 1100T cpu, 8gigs of 1600 ram. I dont know whether to get 2 of the MSI GTX560 with Twin Frozr IIs. or 2 EVGA GTX 580s, which would cost roughly double. Or if theres a better option out there. Im pretty loyal to Nvidia because I've had great luck with them on my other builds.

I want this computer to stay up to date for a long time considering how much money im spending. Any advice would be great.

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  1. For gaming a 2500K would be a better choice. For whatever reason the x6 even lags behind x4s in gaming.

    I think starting with one GTX570 might be good idea. You're then not paying a premium for the GTX580 and a step above the GTX560 without too much wallet pain. You could always add a 2nd card right away if the performance wasn't up to what you were expecting.

    Or just go GTX580 SLI + 2500K upfront if you got the cash.
  2. +1 570 or even a 480 since they could be had cheap just make sure to get a good stock cooled model.
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