Replacing my 8800GT


My video card recently broken down, a 8800GT overclocked by Gigabyte.

Can some one help me by giving me some names of nvidia video cards based on 200 or 400 series? At roughly the same price, the 8800GT now costs (note: it should not be inferior to my old 8800GT)
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  1. Uhm... the GTX 480 and 570(580) are one of the most expensive video cards on the market. I already mentioned i want something @ roughly the price of a 8800GT.

    *LESS* than or equal to $ 150.
  2. The 550ti matches the old 260, the 8800gt is not much slower.

    If you are running a dual core then the 5770 or 6770 is better since they use less cpu power to run.,2699.html

    Check out the hd-4890's flat line when going from the dual core's to even the i7-920. The 5770 and 6770 are the 800 shader replacements for the 4870/4890 and are similar.

    The old 260 is similar to the 550ti.

    The 8800gt is not much slower than the 260.
  3. Utherr13 said:
    So those first two are far better than my 8800GT ? Even though it has a 192 bus width ? (my card had 256)

    8800 has gddr3 while the 500 series has gddr5... so yes. Vram doesnt become much of a bottleneck until higher resolutions anyways. What resolution do you game at?

    The 560ti will put your 8800gt to shame.

    edit: Thought i saw 560ti, not 550ti. 550 will be more similar to your 8800gt.
  4. 1280x1024. I never play with higher resolutions, because my monitor doesn't support them :P .
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