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Vengeance and Patriot dimensions - Height preferably

I for the life of me can't find physical dimensions of these 2 types of RAM

Vengeance Blue (non low profile) DDR3-1600
Patriot G-Series DDR3-1600

Does anyone know? I need to know the heights as my CPU cooler tends to get in the way of my RAM slots :(
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  1. The low profile Vengance and any GSkill Ripjaws will fit under any of the large air coolers. The taller Vengance will not.
  2. No way. Not with those heat spreaders.
  3. Ya, I found some cheap on craigslist and was wondering if the heat sinks would squeeze under my cooler. Guess I'm not gonna buy them.
  4. oh! well thanks for the info
  5. That Patriot is VERY old DDR3 designed for LGA 775 boards. As such ( I can't find it or sure ) it very likely is 1.7 or even 1.8v RAM and as such dangerous to newer systems designed for 1.5-1.65v max RAM.
  6. oh jeez. thanks alot bud. dont need to wreck my new a4
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    Yep found it for sure. It's 1.8v. That will destroy any newer Intel or AMD setup. The memory controllers for both are on the CPU now and the absolute max is 1.65v with 1.5v needed for Intel.
  8. Sure thing. Good thing you asked before buying!
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