Evga x58 motherboard network adapter stopping, crashing computer

Thanks in advanced everyone. I built my own pc and it has been working fine for months, but just recently a strange problem has started to occur. Everything will be running smoothly and then it seems my realtek network adapter stops functioning. no error or warning, not even a yellow light in devices, It just drops my connections and windows acts as if nothing is plugged into the ethernet port. I can disable and re-enable it but thats where the problems start happening. upon re-enabling it it will only stay online for a few seconds at a time, then sporadically the computer will lock up entirely at a seemingly random point. no mouse movement, nothing. the only way out is to do a hard reset. After this lock up the computer will either have trouble even getting to the windows log in screen or crashing later and having the same network issue.

INterestngly this doesnt happen all the time. sometimes the computer will run fine for hours or even the entire day. other times its crashing a few minutes into logging in, but usually only after the network adapter issue.

Specs: Evga x58 sli3
i7 920
6g ddr3
gtx260 s

windows vista 64 bit

I have run an avg scan, which came up with 1 virus which was removed, but this hasnt solved the issue.

Although my temps seem normal I have tried running it cooler with fans maxed out with the same issues.

I have reset the cmos

The driver seems to be up to date on the realtek built in adaptor. (I would try to re-install it, but I cant find it online and Im not sure roll back works on a full uninstall)

Tried to re-install motherboard drivers directly from the website, which raised another problem entirely, which is they are giving me an error upon opening the exe along the lines of 'cannot open with 32 bit' although im running 64 bit.

THANK YOU again.
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  1. UPDATE: New issues now, and it seems to have gotten worse.

    I removed the motherboard battery for a few minutes and tried again, now the computer will load up the DOS just fine but will either crash when trying to load windows or shut off power entirely, even in safe mode.

    PS. ALSO! I just remembered the computer was plugged into a wall outlet and accidentally shut off because it was connected to a light switch. Could this be a faulty power supply?
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