Having serious computer issiues. Need serious help

Hello, I have an old computer that i am currently trying to repair but i have hit a massive brick wall nothing works im getting no video output and when i started it the first time from getting it out of storage it started for a second the something went crack/pop and then some sort of liquid was squirted out of the computer it hit me cause i had the side of the case off. it smelt like electrical burning. now i have the motherboard sitting on my table with only one fan and one hard drive connected and getting no video out of it. the monitor recognises that its been plugged in the just goes into power saving mode what the hell do i do need serious help
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  1. liquod squirting out of ur computer, cracks & Pops do not sound good.

    could be an EXTREME case of capacitors leaking. take a good close look at the motherboard and check the caps.

    connect a system speaker and check for post beeps. if nothing i would assume its the motherboard. GL finding a replacement.
  2. it seems like blown capacitor. As hugostiglitz suggest, take a closer look at the mobo for any burn/blackened marks and disfigured capacitor(s).
    Unless you're good with pcbs, capacitors etc kind of stuff you may as well consider it scrap...sorry...
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