Choosing between two mobo, help me choose?

ASRock H61M/U3S3 LGA 1155

ASRock B75M-GL LGA 1155

they are both pretty comparable, the build I'm working on:

intel i3 2120
2x4gb RAM
geforce GTX 560 (haven't bought yet)

One of the mobo's has HDMI, which it's how Im going to connect the PC to my tv. But the video card also has a HDMI so don't think it makes much difference there.
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  1. ASRock B75M get's my vote
  2. I would go with ASRock H61M/U3S3 LGA 1155

    It has more SATA3 ports, other than that, they are the same, the other one has more USB3 ports, but less USB2.
  3. Yeah went with the H61M, really it's a choice that it's right both ways.
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