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So i'm building a new system and i want to use a APEX PC-389-C Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case


I want to know if the 375 watt psu of a dell xps 410 would fit in it
I'd also like to know if this ASRock N68-S UCC motherboard would fit in it.


also if the case comes with risers or do i have to buy them.

i looked at the case and it looks like it has 2 panels on 1 side would that replace the risers or do i still need them
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    First i would not buy that case, because (from where I am) there is a $10 shipping. With that $10, I would go with the NZXT Gamma @ which includes free shipping.

    i would also not use that MoBo because it uses DDR2 RAM while standard today is DDR3.
  2. thanks for the info but would the stuff i have work?
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