HD 5850 and 300Watt PSU

I have a HD5850 that im trying to put on a pentium 4.

basically the computer is made up of
pentium 4
HD 5850
1 usb pen
1 cdrom drive
3 fans (including the cpu fan)
and 2 ddr dimms. which can be lowered to 1 but don't think that will have any impact on actual system consumption
the hd5850 is going to run at full load all the time.

Its a Premier lc-c300atx, rated at 300W. its marked 18A on the 12V but i highly doubt it can actually do that.

what do you reckon can i use it safely?

if not will this do it http://www.lc-power.de/index.php?id=183&L=1 ?
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  1. I would upgrade to a 500w power supply and a better cpu.
  2. im not really worried about the cpu as it will be idle all the time.
    im just worried about the psu not being able to feed the system and end up dying and taking some components with it.
  3. btw the LC 420W wont do it?
  4. A Pentium 4 will severely limit the performance of the HD 5850 especially if it is a single core P4.

    I never heard of Premier, but I would go with a reputable brand like Antec, Corsair, Enermax, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling, and XFX. A 500w PSU is generally recommended since a depending on which P4 you have it can use as much power as the HD 5850 off of the 12v rail. That would be about 120w each.

    I recommend a good brand name 500w PSU with at least 30 amps on the 12v rail which means it can provide up to at least 360w of power. The following CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 500w PSU has 34 amps on the 12v rail and sells for $50 after rebate.


    You can also opt for the CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 600w also for $50 after rebate.


    I recommend upgrading your PC so that you can actually take advantage of the HD 5850's performance.
  5. this is one of the stupidest things ive heard. your psu will blow up and your CPU will be bottlenecking the 5850 so much you may aswell just get a 5570 and will see the same performance and your psu wont blow up.
  6. this computer is made up of a usb pen.
    pentium 4 cpu and a hd5850.
    3 fans (including the cpui heatsink fan)
    the pentium 4 will be idle most of the time if not always.
    the hd5850 will be at full load always and will be used for calculations.
  7. Bunch of troll people.

    He'll use the gpu only for advanced calculations in which, the bandwidth won't be a problem.
    There won't be any bottleneck as cpu will be responsible for the work of one process, being idle almost the time waiting for a response of the gpu.

    As for the "dual-core Pentium 4", can you please point me any advantage? Or wait, does that even exist? Pentium D and Pentium EE have a name for themselves dumbass. There is no pratical advantage in a better cpu other than the lower power consumption and heat produced. For that, I would recommend a arm cpu or something else; never a x86.

    The question is: WILL the 300w psu be able to suply enough energy to all the components or will it just fry and take everything else with it?
    No "your cpu kinda sucks" or "i beat you in crysis" responses please. You aren't helping anyone.

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