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I have a 5 year old dekstop with 200GB HDD and 300W PSU. They both really need to be replaced, because the HDD is noisy and PSU can fail at any time. Would a failed PSU damage the new HDD? Need some advice on that. I will be upgrading the whole system, but right now I'm short on money. I can buy a $70 PSU Antec Earthwatts 380W or a $65 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 HDD. I'm not short on space, but it would be great to have more. Besides, my hdd is relatively slow.
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  1. if you have only about $70, I'll suggest splitting the difference.

    $35 for a Xigmatek 400W 80+ Bronze PSU and $40 for a 500 GB SATA hard drive, *if* you can handle SATA on your old system.
  2. Sorry I didn't mention this, but I live in Ireland. The best way for me is to buy them from There is no such PSU in ebay. Generally, things are more expensive here and I chose the most reliable solutions based on reviews. Yes, my system supports SATA, I would even think of buying a SATA HDD if it wouldn't be supported. I just need your votes and opinion on those two items. Thanks in advance!
  3. If it's a choice between reliability and storage that you don't even need then surely it's an easy choice?

    I would either go with ScrewySqrl's idea or just the PSU. Either way i would make sure i had a decent PSU.
  4. try some of the more direct UK sites, like ebuyer
  5. Ebuyer doesn't post to Ireland. There is one site, which is located in Ireland, but they don't have that PSU. Oh well, I guess I'll pay a bit more for this PSU, seems like it's worth it :) Thanks for all the replies, I appreciate it :)
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