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GPU Fan speed

Hello, I was wondering, do GPUs usually reach 80%-100% fan speed while playing games for a long time at high settings? I want to buy a GTX 465 and unlock it if possible (if it has the chips) into a GTX 470 (I know Gtx 460 is better than a gtx 465 in many ways) but on a video I saw gtx 465 at 80%-100% fan speed it makes a very loud noise on its reference cooler.
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    For cards that run very hot it doesn't seem extremely unusual for fans to run that high, but it's probably not healthy for cards to run hot enough long enough for the fans to be running at such high speeds.

    As an aside I would just recommend avoiding the GTX465. I haven't heard of anybody being able to mod it into a GTX470, and the GTX465 was always a dog of a card. I would recommend a GTX560 Ti or GTX570 as a better option. A HD6870 or HD6950 are other options from the AMD side as well that are good options in the same performance category.
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