Power consumption calculater for separate computer components

Is there a power consumtion calculator that will figure each part separately?
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  1. thermaltake has one, updated regularly, will even calculate in overclock settings.

  2. Why do you need to figure out each part separately? Graphics cards TDPs and power consumption are shown in reviews, same with CPUs. Hard drives are around 10 W, about 30 W for a motherboard, everything else is insignificant. You are much better off considering the power of the system as a whole than individual components.
  3. ^+1 couldn't agree more!
    Any psu calculator i've seen in the last couple of years = BS
    Most if not all are calibrated to upsell to more powerful units your specs don't require.
    Hell i've used Corsairs and it recommends 850W+ for my specs which is ridiculous.
    I have their HX-750 which is more then enough.
    A 650W would run my specs btw.
  4. For GA-78lmt-usb3, should motherboard and processor wattage be calculated separately? In the below table is total wattage given or only for processor?
    AMD FX-4300 3800MHz 1MBx4 4MB Vishera 32nm C0 95W 5200 F3.
    I will install multirail smps, so delineating each component of CPU by wattage.
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