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Hey Everyone,

I need a reasonably priced monitor for checking out X-Rays. That need is the single most important. I was looking at some VA monitors, but I'm really not sure which one is right choice. I'm thinking a max around $350. Any ideas?


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  1. The only VA panel monitor I know of that fits in your budget is the 19" NEC EA191M-BK for $340.
  2. Thanks Jaguarskx, so do you think a VA panel is the right choice? Do you think going up to $400-$500 would yield much better results, and or make a difference?
  3. I'm not sure any of us are qualified to say what will be adequate for your X ray viewing. I am assuming this is for your business? If so, don't go cheap it will effect your patient care. 19" may be enough, but consider how you use it, and make sure it's large enough for your needs.
  4. Generally speaking, a VA panel offers the best static contrast ratio and this is what is necessary for viewing gray scale colors. The higher the contrast the better it is to see gradients.

    However, bystander is correct. If you are a medical professional and you are using this monitor as your primary display to diagnose X-ray images, then you are putting yourself at risk for medical malpractice for using a non-medical certified device to make a prognosis. Your medical insurance will probably not pay for any malpractice liabilities.

    If this is to be used at home to look at X-ray images when out of the office, then it should be fine as long as your medical prognosis is based on a monitor that has been certified for X-ray use.

    I'm sure Ezio has a line of monitors that is designed for this particular purpose. Depending on the size they probably cost between $5,000 - $12,000. It is a lot more money than a consumer level monitor, but when you weigh in medical malpractice and a possible revoke of your medical license, it is a small price to pay.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm not a medical professional, but I'm building a computer for some else who is. He indicated the medical certification will not be an issue. However, we decided to increase the budget and go for this device that is DICOM part 14 compliant.

    Thanks for all you help.
  6. Link doesn't work. But we ordered the RadiForce MX191
  7. Glad to help, and apparently I misspelled Eizo as "Ezio".
  8. The company I work is one of the largest refurbishers and wholesalers of diagnostic monitors. We carry a wide range of monitors, including Barco, Eizo, Totoku, Plannar and NDS, but we specialize in Barco. There is a great preference for Barco monitors in the market, as they are the only ones that include internal calibration. All our monitor solutions come as a total, complete plug and play package. The package includes the monitor, the Barco graphics card ( Windows 7, 64 bit compatible), and all the necessary cables and adapters. Refurbished units come with a 3 year unlimited usage warranty and a 3 year loaner warranty – for new units this is five years – as well as a 30 day money back guarantee.

    These are monitors that could easily go for $20-25,000 for a pair that we can offer for as low as $3,999 (refurbished)/ $5999 (new) for a pair of 3MP monitors (2x) and $7999 (refurbished) / $8999 (new) for a pair of 5MP monitors.

    We can also get 6MP, will buy your old monitors and can service any 3MP or 5MP monitors.

    Please feel free contact me for more information or references.
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