Nvidia or AMD 500 budgest for a GPU

I am currently split between getting one nvidia 580 and possibly in the future adding another one through SLI. Or getting two 6950 2gs and overclocking them with crossfire. What would be the best option. Or possibly two lesser nvidias and getting a motherboard with 3 slis and adding another one in the future. Basically what are your guys opinions for optimizing graphics on games such as skyrim, star wars the old republic.
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  1. Get a single GTX 580 and be done with it. There are even a few custom models out these days that are overclocked, come with custom designs and upgraded cooling.

    Check out the Gigabyte SOC or MSI Lightning.
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  3. Assuming your PSU is adequate, and your MB is Crossfire capable, a pair of 6950s will far outperform a single GTX580, and in fact should rival a GTX590....and possibly even at less overall cost than a single GTX580.
  4. Which 6950 models can be unlocked to 6970s Im looking and can not find any on new egg. Is there another place I could buy one from. Btw i have my build specs
    I have determined to get one 6950 now and possibly another or a 6970 around august when I get more cash. These are the specs on my upcoming build if you have any oppinions.

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