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i had a asus mobo,amd athlon 250 cpu,2gb zion ram,xfx gts 250 gpu and a coolermaster extreme series 600w psu.the system used to rum file although the card box says it requires 630 watt recommended and 450 watt minimum.
i upgraded my system.msi 880gm-e35 motherboard,phenom x2 555 black edition cpu,corsair vengeance 1600mhz 4gb ram,a coolermaster cabinet elite 350(with a fan 120mm).i kept my old psu and ran well for a day.then started freezing at startup and even on desktop(if it starts).
oh yeah,i have a seagate 500gb sata and an lg dvd burner before and now also.
1st i thought it was the i reinstalled it.while installing it,no problem occured.but after installation and starting the windows it froze.
i had to restart.i tried testing memtest of windows and another bootup cd of hiren froze on a live cd too as wel as while doing the test.
frnd was saying it might be the ram and the mobo compatibility issue since my ram is 1600mhz.but after i removed the gts 250,the system is working fine at 1440x900 resolution but once i put it in 1600x900 resolution the screen starts to flicker.i increase the refresh rate,the resolution come down to 1440x900 issue.y is it so?y the flickering on the onboard gpu?
and to my primary problem,when i remove the card the system works fine,can i assume my psu is not supplying enough power considering both the card and the psu are one and half years old.i'm guessing the efficiency of the psu has decreased,so it cant run my phenom and gts 250 at the same time.where am i going wrong?any help is appreciated.
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  1. set your resolution to the native resolution of the screen .

    Set the refresh rate to 60 HZ

    If it runs fine on the on board and, not fine with a graphics card then you may have damaged the video card when you changed components . Static electricity from your hands can do that
  2. i guess the native resolution is the resolution of the monitor..mine's a 20inch monitor..1600x900..when i set that resolution and refresh rate at 60,the screen flickers a lot.and i mean a i changed it to 75.the resolution comes down to it that my onboard grafix doesnt support that high resolution?
    and after i got the system home it was working fine for a day.i played a few games even.if the card was damaged then it wudve crashed then and there...right?and it was running at 1600x900 resolution 60hz without a problem.
    so i was guessing it might be some power related problem.card box says 630watt power requirement recommended.while mine's only 600.although coolermaster,it is 18 months old.efficiency goes down with time,doesnt it?thot it might have gone down to such an extent that it is unable to provide minimum power to my card(450 watt,written in box)..without the card the system is running fine.
    can it be that the pcie slot of motherboard is problematic?
    note..previously i used to use a converter ide to pcie 6pin to connector(provided wit my card) to feed power to my card.but now i connect it directly from the psu's 6pin card box says requirement 12v 18 amps required where as my psu supplies 12v 18amps on each of the 2 rails.can this be a problem?
  3. You will probably be damaging an LCD monitor if you run it at 75 Hz [ unless you definitely know its a 100Hz or 120 Hz 3D model]

    Set it to 60 HZ

    What resolutions are listed as available?

    Have you tried updating the driver for the onboard graphics?
  4. nope..will update my onboard driver.havent done it yet.1600x900,1440x900,1360x768,1280x800 etc etc..but the refresh rate for 1600x900 is given til 75,but when i put it to 75 the resolution comes down.will do the driver and get back to you.btw,just curious,what kinda damage will it do to the monitor?
    meanwhile could you please help me with my primary problem..
    it's clearly not a ram issue.mobo site states that it supports 1600mhz overclocked.that means i can run a normal 1600 mhz smoothly,right?
    Then is it a power issue?coz it freezez when i plug in my card.
    is there any application or something by which i can understand how much power my system consumes?
    and how come the system ws running perfectly the 1st day after buying it?i even played 3 games with it..ran smooth at everything set to ultra high at 1600x900 resolution.then what happened the next day to make it now work?if what ur saying is true,
    "If it runs fine on the on board and, not fine with a graphics card then you may have damaged the video card when you changed components . Static electricity from your hands can do that"
    ,then my system would have crashed the 1st time when i put it in the pcie slot.right?
  5. i installed the new driver.the display is stable now with the onboard.sometimes it flickers for a sec.i guess onboard chips arent designed to run at 1600x900 resolution...but what to do about the problem wenever i try to use my gts 250?some1 plz help me out.
  6. ok..i gave it a week's time.used the system on onboard display and 1440x900 resolution,then inserted the gts 250 again..and it's working fine..played a game for more than an hour with everything maxed out,then the system hanged..when starting it gave a long beep and 2 short beeps and then no must be some overheating issue..i gave the system a rest of 10mins..then when i turned it on,the display came back..any idea what this 1 long and 2 short beeps mean?
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