GeForce 7900GT vs. Quadro FX570


I'm trying to put together a low budget system with old components.
For video cards I can choose between the GeForce 7900GT and Quadro FX570. This system will be used for CAD applications - OrCAD, Autocad, sometimes for SolidWorks, and rarely for games.
The numbers for 7900GT look better, while FX570 is newer. Since I don't fully understand how those numbers impact the overall performance, and the cards are intended for different markets/applications, I'm not rushing to any conclusion yet. The 7900GT is listed in the graphics card hierarchy chart on this site (thank you Don) and I know where it sits. However, I'm lost about the FX570, since the Quadro line is not in that chart. Please comment on the FX570 and help me to position it with respect to 7900GT so I can make an informed decision.

Thank you,
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    The 7900GT is the more powerful card but the Quadro was made for CAD work amongst other things and is not far behind similar G84GL GPU core similar to 8600GT
  2. Thank you Rolli.
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