Core temps?

I just finished my first build with the following specs:

mobo - asus p8z68 pro
cpu - intel i5 2500k
graphics - gtx 560
memory - 16 GB

so far all is well and good as far as I can tell, but I was wondering what my core temps should be.

I've looked around and seen vastly different numbers. I'm air cooling with a Zalman CNPS9900ALED in an Antec nine hundred with five fans and plenty of airflow.

I'm using core temp to measure my temps and I'm getting around 30c-34c idle and about 48c-52c under full load.

Does that sound decent?

is there anything reasonable I can do to run cooler?
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  1. Don't be worried about those temps until they start going much above 70C under load.
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