HD 5770 & Zebronics gold psu (450W, 12V single rail)

Hi guys,

I am using Zebronics 450w gold psu and i recently bought Sapphire hd5770, i am facing strange problem some time when i start my PC, it doesn't post (exact situation is everything switches on i mean all fans leds, HD5770 fan Green led's on backside of it switches on) but no display with beep sound. so i press reset button to get display and surprising suddenly display posts. I am confused whats wrong with Mobo or HD5770 or psu.

Pls help...

Thanks in advance for your replies .... ;)
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  1. +1^ or Seasonic OCZ. If you buy one of the following brands you only need a 400w psu. a Zebronics will not produce its rated 450w.
  2. Hello guys......thanks for the replies, but can anyone tel me whats the exact cause of "no posting of display' at first power on. and the display comes only when i push reset switch....
    i appreciate your replies but help me about this posting error.... plssss i dont want to waste my money buying new psu coz once my computer posts display i can play any latest game with all high specs and play for hours like (6-7 hours) using my 32" lcd via hdmi without a single hickup.
  3. ok guys taking your opinions into account, and after deep thought process about my ZEb gold 450W PSU, I replaced it with brand new SILVERSTONE ST50F-ES 500W PSU @ $63( efficiency 85%+). now pls review this one and let know if my choice is good or bad. Feel free to comment if u have any bad reviews about it as well...evryone is welcomed... ;)
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