Help with psu/gpu connections?

I'm almost ready to plunge for a PC upgrade, but this final detail has me stumped.

I've picked out a card, the ATI 6770

And this power supply seeeeeeeeeems ok

But I read a review of the Corsair and it grumbled a bit about the fact that it only had one pci-e connector. I can't find a way to tell what kind of connectors the 67770 has and what it needs from the PSu.

Could somebody give me a little advice about this?

Does the psu I've picked have the right connectors? If not, what kind of specifications/cables & connectors am I looking for?

Have I even picked a suitable/strong enough psu for the card I want? I ran it through a couple of "calculators" and they gave me green lights, but I dunno you guys know best right? (Running on a core2duo with 4gb ram btw so not a hungry machine)

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. That PSU is decent and will work fine with 6770 as it only needs a single 6 pin pcie
  2. Fine, but you can save a couple of quid off the PSU, whiel GPU is same price and free delivery from
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