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hello i need to upgrade my bios so i can play counter strike global offensive right now im getting little to no fps like 3-6 fps heres my computer

i can run sc2 with 150+ fps but cant run counter strike even on the lowest settings so i found my motherboard but i dont know hich bios to install

thats my motherboard so which one should i install if that's the problem which i read on steam it is
please and thank you for the help
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    I don't understand how that could be the problem, especially since you have a video card. Are you sure they said CPU and not GPU? Drivers instead of bios? Be very sure first and try updating the drivers for your video card first. But if you're going to update the bios go with the newest ones that aren't beta. In this case that would be the FC version. Do you know how to flash your bios? Be very careful when doing so because if it or you mess up you could end up with a brick for a computer.
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