How should i lay out my case fans?

Hey everyone, i have come to notice that all my case fans are being used as exhaust, none for intake. I have an Antec Darfleet DF-35 Midtower. It comes with 4 pre-installed Antec fans. Do any of you recommend i lay out the fans differently to achieve better cooling? The positions of the fans are two in the lower front (where the HDD's are located. One on the top (above the cooler) and one on the rear (just above the videocard) Thanks in advance.
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  1. It appears to be a light on fans case, for me I would have the front 2 blowing in and the Top and Rear as exhausts.

    Surprised you don't have any side panel fans.
  2. thanks for the quick reply, Im using a noctua NH-C13 cooler sooooo theres not much room for a side panel fan lol
  3. taylorwallace9 said:
    thanks for the quick reply, Im using a noctua NH-C13 cooler sooooo theres not much room for a side panel fan lol

    It is a great cooler that, I am thinking about going to the Corsair H60/70/100 range sealed liquid cooling, it is mounted away from the motherboard and in particular the RAM/CPU area and gives you the option for a extra fan.

    I have the CM 690 II KKN3 which has room for up to 11 fans so venting is not really a problem, despite using a clumsy CPU cooler myself.
  4. yea it is a great cooler, but i regret getting it as i researched the, 'H Series', coolers and wish i got the H60 or a kuhler H20
  5. On performance the Noctua is better comfortably so, than the H60, the H100 is probably the right comparison, but the H100 radiator needs two 140mm intake vents on the top or bottom to mount it, while the H60 is a single slot.

    The whole question is simple though to clock a 2500k to 4-4.5 which is what most boards will support at stable performance, how much cooling does one really need. That said the noctua is just amazing.
  6. The best airflow tends to be front fans blowing inward and rear fans blowing out.
  7. yea it turns out the front fans were actually on intake, i must of felt the airflow wrong lol. but i was using the stock intel fan so i could bring my pc in, it would not turn on, but that is resolved, and i was running Core Temp and the idle temps were in the high 50's. I just swapped it out again for my NH-C14 and my idle temps are low 20's :) been running prime95 for around 15 minutes now and the temps are high 40's and very low 50's. I did install it a different way and i now have more room and great air flow. Anyone recommend a quiet 120mm fan, preferably with blue or white led's
  8. I'm really happy with my Silenx fans. They move a lot of air and they are quiet.

    I saw they have blue ones at I didn't see any (blue) at newegg. There are several other places you can get them if you check "Where to buy" on their site.
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