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I have ordered XFX HD-557X-ZHF2 as per the members for my Asus CM5570. I found out the line in does not work when I used external speakers and need to change to a compatible sound card that works with XFX HD-557X-ZHF2.
Appreciate your suggestion.
Nagesh Ganta
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  1. Can you list the rest of your components? It's usually a little easier for us to help if we know what you're working with.
  2. Question: do you need a soundcard with a dedicated line input port, or is it alright if its shared with another input source [typically microphone-in]? PCI or PCI-E? Cost limitations?
  3. I have already placed an order for ASUS Xonar Essence ST Headphone 7.1-Channel Audio Card for Audiophiles. It has a line in and I want to convert old cassette tapes to CD and also use it to listen quality audio and my son can play games.
    Thanks for all the members help that responded.
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