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How do i go from millinium to windows 7 home premium

how can i go from millinium to 7 home premium
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  1. LOL like windows ME??? I doubt you computer will run Windows 7 it is a Windows 98 class machine. But if your going to try there is no way directly. You will have to upgrade to XP then Vista then Windows 7...

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    I agree with thently. If it is Windows Millennium, or ME, based system, you just need to buy or build a new system. A Windows ME at most will run XP.

    Here are the w7 system requirements. MS also provides an upgrade adviser software to check if your hardware is compatible.

    If you are compatible, you do not need to upgrade to each windows version, there aren't even upgrade versions like I think thently is thinking of. You just get w7 and install like any other pc, irrelevant of any other os version. Though I would assume such an old rig is not compatible.
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