Need help connecting 3 Pin Male fan to motherboard

Hi guys

I've just build my first computer and am having trouble connecting one of my fans to the motherboard

I have a CiT Black Mars Case and a M4A87TD (MSI) Motherboard

The case came with 1 frontal fan (with blue LED), 1 side fans (with Blue LED) and a front LED display,

I am able to connect the side fan + LED via molex which I have had no problems with, however the front display and fan + LED have a 3 pin male connector each, and my motherboard fan connectors are also male

Does anyone have any idea how I can power this front fan + display? As I have searched for female-female 3 pin connectors but can't seem to find them or any alternate solution

Fan Male connector:

Mobo Fan connector:
(sorry the photo's not very clear)

Thanks for any and all help :)

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