Computer keeps turning off and its not the power supply

My computer keeps turning of on its own and it's not the power supply because I already put a new one in to try. It's a water cooled PC and there is almost no dust inside of my machine or in the fans. Can someone please help me out?

Thank you
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  1. BTW it does not blue screen. Just shuts off. No warning. Do we think it's the motherboard? or the water cooling isn't working and it's overheating the processor. i'm just at a loss since it wasn't the powersupply. I forgot to mention in the first post that this started happening directly after the wind knocked out my power.
  2. Well it's more then likely the mobo has been damaged then.
    If you have your psu plugged directly into the wall socket there's not much stopping voltage spikes from damaging the components in your rig.
    Especially true if you have a cheaper psu without proper built in protection for such events.
    Idk i'm guessing since you include no component details and if you use a surge protector.
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